Spread your wings and GLIDE


We have a new single out - GLIDE.

Follow this link for the Press Release: link)


You gotta admit, it's a rockin' song!

...wait, what? YOU HAVEN'T HEARD IT YET!

Ahhhhhhh! Yes you have. It autoplays when you come to this website.

Still not sure if you've heard it yet? Well then go to iTunes and listen to it!

...or our Music page ...or just YouTube it!  :D


Can you tell we're stoked about it??!!

"spread your wings and GLIDE!"


Sidenote: If anyone has any CD release photos that they want to share, post them on our FaceBook Fan Page(external link). Rock on!

Posted Sunday September 19, 2010 at 4:32AM by The MacHams