By Kathryn Kyte
July 9, 2010

The MacHams
Brothers stick together. Brothers play together. Brothers sweat together and the MacHams are blood who sure know how to sweat, sing and rock together. Playing a sweet mix of sped up Jason Mraz rock with jokester interludes somehow cusps nicely between the serious and the unserious, without lacking any notion of talent. Musically they’re in touch, perhaps the brotherhood has something to do with that? While each has their own star quality; I found it highly entertaining the way the boys shift up the lineup and take on different roles while playing happy ballads with strong pop hooks. Their on stage banter and audience interaction works well, because they’re good. No one wants to be part of the crowd if the band fails miserably and cracks jokes that Danny Tanner would hoot at. Am I right? Welcome back some fun in your life and check out these positive rockers.

Must Hear Track: Lucky Number 7

Posted Friday July 23, 2010 at 1:25PM by The MacHams